Super Trade System (S.T.A.R)

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Super Trade System (S.T.A.R)

Super Trade System (S.T.A.R) ağırlıklı ortalamalara (ema) Elliott wave sayımına dayalı bir sistem.


Sitesi : 267$

Super Trade System (S.T.A.R) dosya içeriğinde sistemde kullanılan mt4 indicatorleri, örneklemeli bir kaç resim, word dosyasında açıklayıcı bilgiler ve gift denilen hediye ayrı bir sistem daha bulunuyor. Mt4 profil dosyası da içinde.


Super Trade System (S.T.A.R)

Sistemin ingilizce açıklaması şu şekilde yapılmış;


S.T.A.R Super Trade System Trading System

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987, 1597, 2584, 4181, 6765

this is all about ….understand the concept first and then is easy…you see…..

1.Read the market first
2.rationale it with indicator
3.fix the indicator with all time frame
4. get around with the circle
4a.measure cycle
i ). pips range
ii ) time range – means minute ,hours, day week and so on….

wd gan said…..when price meets time….if i not mistaken

simple concept….
understand pivot meaning with candlestick pivot by john parson if i not mistaken….that the way I learn for the first step….
I’m always interested in Moving Averages. Of course this fibonacci modified MAs interest me to the bone

Well, after reading the manual, testing it, and examining it clearly from sentences in the manual such as “the x 0.618 of 13 is actually 8”, I’ve found a surprising result…

They are just a bunch of MAs derived from the number of MAs according fibonacci rules, not the number of the price. Confuse?

Well, here it goes…

Super Trade System 1st step, get the number of the MAs:
13 x 0.236 = 3
13 x 0.382 = 5
13 x 0.500 = 7
13 x 0.618 = 8
13 x 0.764 = 10
13 x 1.000 = 13
13 x 1.382 = 18
13 x 1.618 = 21

Super Trade System Thus the “13s” are…

Super Trade System You can do the same for SMA68, and you’ll get…

Super Trade System (S.T.A.R) That’s it. Quite simple isn’t

Well, i’ve made a template with a white screen and color coded it according the manual.

Nice trade everyone.



Super Trade System (S.T.A.R)

The author Super Trade System (S.T.A.R) not use in .pdf format, but he used a websites as ebook (so you must online when read on), this system usedby Dr. Zain Agha (e.q. ZTL,Z-100,etc) & Joe Ross ( Stealth, Curry Blend,etc), so we just can read in there websites in online mode or we can print directly from those sites.

Super Trade System (S.T.A.R) used like that, so Mr. Steve 88 take a screenshoot from those sites. Btw if you want to try to go to websites let you download from the 1st link from the 1st post Steve88.
I think this is just visual representation of Elliot Wave.
Big move – 1st wave
Ribbon flip – 2nd wave
Movie after ribbon flip (that exceed Big move)-3th wave
13s cut 68s -4th wave
Final move -5th wave and we begin to search retracement who will prove exhaustion of the trend
When we have this prove go in second stage-verifying – primary signal or continuation signal.
The autor of this system trying to catch the next whole move of Elliot Wave trought wave 1 to wave 5.
BUT this is only my opinion.

As a matter of fact, Super Trade System (S.T.A.R) is an advance system.

Those of you that are hate to Super Trade System (S.T.A.R) analyze the chart would say the same complain all the time. But if you fully understand the Elliot Wave theory and applying it in your trading decision/price projection would understand my point.

Lets dig down to elaborate what its means by ADVANCE SYSTEM;

Super Trade System (S.T.A.R), as an advance system, is not a AB=CD system which is favor by newbie, it is not if A you do B, it is not a push button and cring system. As an advance system, again, it requires a thoroughly understanding and observation on the price movements whereas Super Trade System (S.T.A.R) theory leads you to decide/predict where the price is heading. Thus, Super Trade System (S.T.A.R) can not solely be used to make a decision on the market without taking your trading ability to advance level.

Understanding the way Super Trade System (S.T.A.R) system works requires a thoroughly understanding of Elliot Wave Theory. As you have a clear perspective on EW as well as Fibo, then you will view Super Trade System (S.T.A.R) differently.

As an advance subject, EW and FIBO has long been accepted as an incredible tool to assist in trading making decision. If you have been heavily applying EW and Fibo in analyzing price movement you will understand my point. Ones could easily find incredibly match of EW and Fibo level with price movement/retrace, yet one could not solely relying his/her trading decision on only EW/Fib. Because EW and Fibo is not a switch to enter/exit the market, despite their accuracy in projecting the future price movements.

Applying EW will judge the current price position in price future projection related to the Wave. Analyzing EW will forewarn you of the probable price direction, yet still require confirmation. Ex; If the bars unfold to this level then the price projection will explode to this direction then I should sharply observe the bars. Otherwise, if this then this (you see why i said ANALYZING)

Applying Fibo retrace and expand will tell you that if the price retrace to x level then price explosion will reach this level (again ANALYZING). You see, Fibo precision is directing you to the probable price future projection. But in execution you still required to follow the price movement.

Same like STAR, one should view it as an ADVANCE as EW and Fibo. In a whole, Super Trade System (S.T.A.R) is analyzing system. If you master it, then you would be able, as the Super Trade System (S.T.A.R) said, to precisely judge the top/bottom of price explosion without even wait for the 3EMAS cross back/retrace. You would been able to pick the Top/Bottom.

Therefore, I am not merely suggest you all to learn EW and Fibo deeply. What I’d like to suggest is that one should try (once a while during their AB=CD system) to apply EW and Fibo. The more you find their precision, the more you get excited then I should not have to tell you to learn EW and Fibo deeply, you would seek and learn the theory by your self.

Once you applying EW and Fibo in your trading decision making, you would easily understand the concept behind Super Trade System (S.T.A.R) and you would view STAR from different perspective then. As you view STAR from different angle, you would understand why STAR said 100% accurate.

Finally, I have to stress that Super Trade System (S.T.A.R), as an advance analyzing system, is a perfect analyzing system. Therefore, those of you that hate to analyze chart and accustomed to if AB then you do CD, Super Trade System (S.T.A.R) might be not suitable for you as 98% web visitor said.

Final thought, Super Trade System (S.T.A.R) might be just for the rest 2% advance technical analyzer..



Super Trade System (S.T.A.R) kullandığı MA değerlerinin fibonacci sayılarıyla denk gelecek şekilde ayarlandığını ve Elliott Wave dalga sayımıyla işlem gerçekleştirme mantığına dayanıyor.

Orta seviye trader için kullanışlı diyebileceğimiz bir sistem. Acemi trader için başlangıç olarak biraz ağır kalabilir.

Super Trade System (S.T.A.R) İndir: SuperTradeSystem ziyaretçileri için ücretsiz Super Trade System ile Başarılar..

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